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About Us


Authenticity is a Dubai based coaching and consultancy company and the “go to” place for clients and coaches in the UAE.

Set up by Emirati co-founders, Jawad Sajwani and Azzan Lootah, Authenticity is a company built on passion, transparency and shared dreams that are bigger than life.

Jawad and Azzan honor the value of living authentically, and the company’’s objective is to help others live authentically too.



Our experienced team members partner with you to develop tailor made programs that achieve the change or growth that you envision, in a sustainable way.

We share our experience and expertise and make sure that everyone involved knows why, how and in what way the program will be carried out.

We are flexible:  in terms of time and space, we adjust our programs to your schedule so that it has a minimum impact on your work and environment.

Jawad Sajwani

Chief Executive Coach

Azzan Lootah

Coach, Consultant, C.E.O.

Cindy van de Kreke-Freens

Personal & Professional Development Coach

Ghada M. Zakaria

Professional Development Coach

Marwan Medhat

Transformational Coach

Dalia Sheiha

Marriage and Family Counselor/Coach




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