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We are always looking for talented coaches to join our dynamic and diverse team. All our coaches are certified by the International Coach Federation. This ensures that we always provide our clients with an appropriately qualified professional. We invite you to call us to make an appointment, or send your information to


We support coaches, as well as coaching and professional development initiatives in the region by organising networking events and making our centre available for community events. Our offices are centrally located in Al Barsha 1, Dubai. If you wish to be updated of events happening here, and you want to receive our newsletter, send us a request via


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“Finding Self” (3rd workshop in the Finding Purpose series) It sounds like such a silly concept; how do we find ourselves when we are always..

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Living happier and healthier starts from what you eat. Assess your eating habits and learn more about the principle of a positive nutrition…

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At Authenticity we are celebrating 2018 as the Happy Family and Happy Community year. Book your appointment now with one of our qualified team..

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Happy New Year Everyone!

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The Art of Letting Go: The Minimalists TEDx Talk (2016) | The Minimalists

Just let go The Art of Letting Go: The Minimalists TEDx Talk (2016) | The Minimalists

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