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Corporate Coaching

José de Heer CPCC, ORSC | Professional Development Coach

José has been in the UAE region for 25 years and is an effective communication facilitator, organization and relationship systems coach and trainer.

She is a certified professional co-active coach and accredited organization and relationship systems coach. In 2011 she became a member of EACH (the European Association for Communication in Healthcare) and has attended several courses with a focus on teaching communication skills in health professional education.

José first experienced the power of coaching in 2007 and immediately enrolled in a coaching course:

“what I like most about coaching is the non-violent way of communicating. this gives any relationship, whether at home, in the workplace or in politics, opportunities for mutual understanding and trust.”

It is always the people with whom José works who get center stage. She is passionate about empowering teams and colleagues through effective communication. With her authentic, meticulous and focused style, mixed with humor, she is committed to offering the highest quality service, creating connection and keeping people motivated.

In 1986, José and her husband set up a company in Dubai, where she worked for nine years. She has also been a board member of a non-profit school for seven years. José has loved all her jobs, and loves the one she’s in at the moment most of all. All through her career, she has been intrigued by connection and interpersonal communication. to her, coaching felt like coming home.


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